Screen/Window Issues


A couple of complaints that really do not fit with my Touch Screen problems. So I thought they should be in a separate topic.

ANY popup window produced by Ignition should be reachable from either the windows task bar or the ALT-Tab sequence. This is not always the case. For example, the confirmation prompt for the update of the project can loose focus and go to the back and be almost impossible to bring forward again because it is not seen as a separate window.

Another one is the fact that if you regularly switch screen typologies (number and orientation of screens) like I do when moving around with my laptop. Windows will open at their old position even if there is NO WAY to see the window because the screen it was displayed upon is no longer there. This becomes an even larger problem for those windows that do not show up as separate windows to the system (See above paragraph).

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Yes, I’ve run into that problem with the Designer on my laptop too. If I think of it, I’ll move everything back to the laptop screen before unplugging, but it would be nice if all the windows would move over automagically when they end up on a non-existent screen.

Sounds like an OS problem to me. I plug and unplug monitors all the time in Linux and have never “lost” a designer window as y’all describe. (-:

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Maybe :laughing: MS would probably tell us the windows aren’t “lost”, they’re just taking a break from all the attention for a bit of R&R.

I had chalked it up to Java, not having tried it on another OS. Ignition Designer gets confused about what size is actually maximized on multiple monitors of different sizes and will maximize on a large connected monitor to the size of my laptop display. Child windows like Tag Editor, Property Binding, and Translation Manager remember where they were last open (handy if still on the same monitor setup), and will open there again whether there’s a monitor there or not. This is a pain as I haven’t found a way to get them back (don’t show on taskbar as OP noted) other than plugging in a monitor so I can drag 'em home. All that said, I’d still far rather work with Ignition than any of quite a number of other HMI packages I’ve used that seemed to cooperate better with MS window/monitor management.

This doesn’t really take into account that if you have popped up a scripting or custom properties window and forget to move it back to your main laptop screen, they still end up opening on the non-existent screen.

Some of us don’t have the liberty to specify what OS to use. Although for a while I was using my own laptop which is running Ubuntu (ATM) and I could have sworn I had the same issues with windows opening where they shouldn’t have. But they have since upgraded the work laptop to something with enough RAM for my usage habits. WAY too many browser tabs open… And VirtualBox…

I agree with witman that it seems to be a java issue in some respects, because the same thing will happen with the java IDE’s as well… I’ve seen it with Eclipse, IntelliJ, and Idea.

Thanks for the comments.

Sorry that wasn’t clear… I’ll actually pull up those windows just for the purpose of moving them back to the main monitor before unplugging to go for a walk with the laptop. Yes, it is a pain. I’d probably find it more annoying if my laptop wasn’t used as a desktop 90% of the time (it doesn’t get unplugged often).

The kludge I’ve been forced into the varied and sundry pages of stack exchange super user in search of has two faces. One is to change the resolution of your display, but during the test phase, reject the new resolution. Another is to hold down the windows key and ‘P’ simultaneously. This calls up a control for screen control. cycle the selection to another setup, then return to the desired one.