Screenshot / pdf / print a perspective view and send it by email

Hi all,
As read in the various comments, at the moment , no function to take screenshots, or print a view as a PDF and send it by email. I would like to know if anyone has been able to make a development to achieve this in perspective?

Thank you

Don’t hold your breath. This is something that browser makers would have to cooperate on, and that isn’t likely. Because it is a huge security hole for browsers.

I wonder if something could be hacked together in the future using the Screen Capture API, seems like if browsers can capture your screen for video conferencing you ought to be able to get a screenshot after the user jumps through some hoops to opt in and allow it.

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I should have realized that existed. Jitsi and a whole host of similar products wouldn’t work without it. I remember giving Jitsi permission to record my screen

I use TechSmith SnagIt.
It can capture sections, screens, windows, scrolling areas as still shots.
You can mark up images with arrows, comments, circles, cut-outs, etc. to highlight things before saving as .PDF.
You can also record video with or without audio.

Presuming the OP’s desire is like others asking, they don’t want the user to have to do anything–Perspective just makes it happen when necessary. Not currently possible.


Oh, got it.
I was thinking of training / documentation not run-time functionality.

Hi all thanks for all your answers,
it’s not possible for example with html2canevas using SDK module to develop a new component (Screenshot component)?

It might be possible, but I don’t think anyone’s ever tried to find out for sure.

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