Script annotations not showing up

I have created a module to add some script functions. For some reason, the annotations are not working. The @ScriptArg does seem to work but not the @ScriptFunction.
I have this in the file
@ScriptFunction(docBundlePrefix = “AbstractScriptModule”)
public int multiply(
@ScriptArg(“arg0”) int arg0,
@ScriptArg(“arg1”) int arg1) {

The resources folder is marked as a resources root and I have the file file which has this:
multiply.desc=Multiple two integers and return the result.
multiply.param.arg0=The first operand.
multiply.param.arg1=The second operand.
multiply.returns=Returns the first operand multiplied by the second.

But during scripting it says No Description, No return value, the arguments say: int arg0 then and upside down question mark then ‘AbstractScriptModule.multiply.param.arg0?’

I have compared the original script function module project to my final project and I cannot figure out why my properties file does not seem to be included.

oddly enough, if I load the original example module on the gateway the multiply function that I left in my new module has annotation but it disappears as soon as I remove that module so I know the original creates a bundle but mine does not.

What else can I check?

Never mind. I found that although the folder path looked correct in Intellij, inspecting with file explorer showed that it was not.