Script closing popup, when user clicks somewhere else on the screen

Ignition 7.8.5 vision

I noticed the other day an excessive amount of windows open. I then realized if you dont click the close button or red x the popup does not close even though it is not visible.

I was wondering of a way to script closing said popup, when user does not properly close. I didn’t see any good event handlers on the root container for handling this.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

NVM lol . mouseexited looks to be what I need.

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You might also want to set the popup Window’s Layer to something greater than the layer of your main displays as well so that popups can’t physically be behind your main Windows.


@nminchin that’s a good “best practice” going forward. But If I don’t add the exit script I know i’m gonna get calls about windows not closing. lol.