Script console much slower when not running directly on server hosting ignition?

Has anyone else here noticed how there is a significant performance dropoff when you are running a script from the designer script console on a machine that isn’t hosting ignition? I have noticed that scripts are like 20-30x slower on my computer, but if I RDP into the server that is hosing the ignition service, fire up the designer, and run the script on that consol, it is so much faster.

I’m not convinced it’s a limitation of my hardware. I want to see if anyone has any tips or tricks to increasing the performance if you are not able to have access to the server to run them there.


What script specifically? Any script? Or is a script that has to hit the gateway or otherwise transfer large amounts of data?

Personally I have not noticed this. If you post what code is going much slower it might help figure out the issue.

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These are pretty large scripts that will iterate through spreadsheets that are several thousand rows long and perform configurations or get configuraitons from the idb. They always execute much slower, unless the gateway is executing them directly, or I’m executing them on the gateway.

Also noticed that even scripts like system.tag.browse() move a lot slower on my machine than they would on the server. We have a pretty large system, millions of tags. So I might be noticing it more than most ppl who may have smaller systems?

You are talking about operations that require the designer to ask the gateway to execute queries and browsing operations. Usually many round trips. So no, not surprising at all.