Script console not picking up changes from Project scripts

Why does not Script Console pick up new changes from Project Script after committing and then saving the whole project? We even do refresh.

What we do is to re-open the project, that’s only when the script console is able to pick up the updates.
This is very subtle but it can get annoying when testing changes thru the Script Console.


Are you refreshing the script console itself or the project?

hi @hcaroll, I am refreshing the project itself.

To the right of the console there are two icons:

  • Rubbish bin: Clears the output console
  • Reload arrow: Refreshes the whole console so if there are new changes in the scripts it calls they will be reloaded.
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There is a reported issue in the 7.9 branch where shared scripts aren’t updating properly in the script console. Note that the issue presented was shared scripts, but it looks like the issue may have impacted project scripts as well.

The fix is slated for 7.9.5, so when that is release you should be able to upgrade and resolve the issue. If not, please contact our support department so we may investigate.


I know I have tried those two buttons, I guess the upgrade should resolve this. thanks!

I am having this same problem on 8.0.12. Was this fixed? or did the problem resurface in Ignition 8?

The script console gets a copy of the currently loaded project scripts when it’s first opened. If you want to refresh it, you must hit the ‘Reset’ button in the top-right corner to reload the latest project script library.


That does not seem to make a difference. I also should note that it does not seem to reset scripts coming from inherited projects so maybe this is new to version 8. Maybe the reset button is not reloading the inherited scripts.