Script executing.. but not writing to tags

I’ve got a bunch of tag event scripts that used to work. They were basic IF statements, and would write a new value to a tag everytime the value of our MINUTEtag changed.
All of a sudden, the script is executing, but it is no longer writing values to the tags. everything is in read/write mode,and the script has no errors. I cant figure out why it wont write! any suggestions?

I have attached a test code I wrote to see if it was just those specific tags that were not being written to, but any new tags I create can also not be written to…

You are missing a qualifier on your read script. returns a qualified value, containing 3 parts: value, quality, and timestamp. You need to evaluate the value member.

if'[.]TEST').value == 6:
    <do something>

wow… cant believe i forgot that, haha. Thanks for pointing it out. however, even with the corrected script, it isnt writing to the tag. And, the script we have on this project was working perfectly before… writing to tags and everything, then it suddenly stopped. I dont know if there is something that is blocking the tags from being written to or …

Check your use of caps on true

system.tag.write('[.]LunchHappening', True)