Script function: system.tag.storeTagHistory Timestamp format

I’m trying to use system.tag.storeTagHistory to write historical samples directly into the history database.

If I leave the “Timestamp” argument blank, it writes the timestamp in the database as now, in the “milliseconds since 1970” format.

If I add a Timestamp argument value in the function using the same timestamp format, I get an error. I have tried multiple standard timestamp formats for the argument and I can’t seem to get the function to execute.

What format for the Timestamp argument does the function expect?

The storeTagHistory function expects an array (in Jython terms, a list) of Date objects. returns a date object (which, technically, represents a date and time). To create an arbitrary Date object, you can use the* functions:

date =, 6, 29) #year, month (0 indexed!), day date =, 1, 37, 44) #hours, minutes, seconds

Then, you use that inside the storeTagHistory function you would have to wrap it in a list:

system.tag.storeTagHistory(<other arguments skipped>, [date])

The square brackets are the critical part.

Thank you!

I think I was trying to pass it a list of strings, so I’ll need to convert the strings to date objects then list those. I’ll try that.