Script functions for gateway scope are imported/visible in 8.1.1, but not visible in 8.1.3/8.1.5

I load the same third party module in Ignition 8.1.1 and Ignition 8.1.3 and Ignition 8.1.5
8.1.1 has vision and perspective modules
8.1.3 has vision module
8.1.5 has vision and perspective modules

Gateway module hook:

public void initializeScriptManager(ScriptManager manager) {


				new PropertiesFileDocProvider());

This module add some script function for the gateway scope.

In 8.1.1, gateway scope script function added works fine in gateway scope, and in gateway Event script, autocompletion list the function

In 8.1.3, 8.1.5, gateway scope script function cause import error in gateway scope, and in gateway Event script, autocompletion doesn’t list the function.

(gateways have been restarted after modules install)

Does anything change after 8.1.1 or 8.1.2 in the way to load gateway scope script function ?

As a side note: In 8.1.3 and 8.1.5, in gateway Event script I can list some function only added in client hook !
That’s not the case in 8.1.1.

As a temporary workaround, I found that if I had the script function with no code in the client Hook, then the function are available for autocompletion and can be executed with no import error in the gateway scope !