Script help

I’m trying to create an expression to set a value for a property tag
the first line works but the second causes an error.


You have to nest them, you can’t have two separate if statements in an expression. So it would be like this:

if({Madera/TF2_Controller/TANK801}>{Madera/TF2_Controller/TANK801Hsp}, 1, if({Madera/TF2_Controller/TANK801}<{Madera/TF2_Controller/TANK801Lsp}, 2, 0))

Picky thing this script. I typed it as it looked but I may have had a space wrong. I copied it and pasted it and it worked.

Thanks, Now to figure out how to do indirect tags for popup chart.

I have 4 tags SP, HL, LL, Temp