Script in SFC does not print to console

I have a very basic SFC with 1 action step. The action step reads data from the database, and does some datetime math and then I was trying to print the result of the datetime math to the console. The code essentially boils down to this:

import datetime
createdDate = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
expirationDate = createdDate + datetime.timedelta(days=15)
print expirationDate

For some reason I am not seeing the output of the print statement. I have opened the Output Console and I only see errors from failed runs but none of the results from my print statements. Everything I read said to check the Output Console but is there somewhere else I should be looking? Thanks.

print doesn’t work in gateway scope. You have to use system.util.getLogger() and then use the logger’s .info() method. Or .debug(), .warn(), .trace(), etc.

Thanks, I hadn’t been able to find that anywhere.