Script logging from clients

Hi. Where can I get output from scripts running in the client? Ideally stdout (using ‘print’), but using a logger (log4j?) would be acceptable.


Not sure of exactly what you want to do, but I include extensive logging with line numbers using this code:

import sys
frame = sys._getframe(0)
logtext+= "Line %d, Log Text "% (frame.f_lineno)

I pass it to a string variable, and then write it to a text file every few minutes.

The standard output for the client is found by going to Help -> Diagnostics under the Console tab.

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Is this logged to a file anywhere? If so, what is the default path? I assumed it would be in the Users->->.ignition folder, but nothing jumps out at me in there

If you enable tracing or logging from the Java Control Panel, log files will be generated in a local directory:
For me, on Windows, it’s C:\Users\pgriffith\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\log.