Script Module Apply Button

Please make it so that when you press the Apply button while in the Script Module Editor that it does not reset the cursor to the first line of the text.

It would be nice to at least go back to the current line if not the exact window state. Really annoying when testing code when I have to keep scrolling back to the function I was working on after every apply.

I’ll second this one

I think all the script editors are changing in 7.3, or maybe 7.4. The current editors definitely need to be changed to be more user friendly. I vote for something like the Eclipse IDE, with auto completion. It will make built in function discovery very easy.

As long as we are making wish lists, I’d like to add version control plugins. SVN and GIT are probably the top two (open source) right now.

I wish you guys could see my face right now.

Seriously though - the original issue is certainly something we could do easily, I’ve made a ticket for it.

Of course the alternative to reinventing the wheel and spending the next 5 years perfecting the programming environment is to put in links to expose the code to third-party editors. This would then get you all the benefits of existing editors with features like change control and syntax highlighting for free.

For change control we like Mercurial. On the topic of syntax highlighting, has anyone looked at the pyflakes project? Very nice!

Along the lines of what Al said, I recently mentioned to Travis and Colby the idea of allowing script modules to be loaded from files located on the gateway server. That way a developer can use any ftp editor to develop scripts, as well as easily interface with a version control system. I imagine this option would be much easier (and more feasible) to implement.

Regarding version control of projects in general, would it be possible to give an option to export a project into a set of files for each window, for scripts, transaction groups, etc? Most of this can already be done manually one by one, but a one-click option would be great. I’m sure some formats mat not be suitable for side-by-side comparisons of versions, but I still think it would be pretty valuable.

I don’t mean to pile on Carl here :smiley: , but these could be somewhat simple ways to expand the power developers have over managing their projects.


The problem in the OP has been fixed for 7.2.5