Script reads client dataset tag with HTML code, losing HTML formatting

I have a client dataset tag run an SQL query and it successfully retrieves data from database. I can see the HTML formatting is still in place in my tag browser. My dataset has 2 columns, I basically am searching for an index location in column 0, then referencing a different column by that index value. Then I bind the HTML text value to a label. However, my HTML formatting is removed at some point and I’m not sure how to proceed.

log = system.util.getLogger("Helper Popup:")
startLogging = True
if (event.propertyName == 'procedure'): #window custom property
	procedureHelp = event.source.procedure
	if startLogging:"Procedure for Help: %s " % procedureHelp)
	# Get procedure description table information
	dsProcedures ="[Client]Procedures/ProceduresDescription").value
	# column 0 is procedures, column 1 should be the static description
	listProcedureNames = list(dsProcedures.getColumnAsList(0))
	listProcDesc = list(dsProcedures.getColumnAsList(1))
	if startLogging:"all procedure names: %s " % listProcedureNames)"all descriptions: %s " % listProcDesc)"Procedure for Help: %s" % procedureHelp)
	# only if the value is in there, index it. 
	if (procedureHelp in listProcedureNames) :
		index = listProcedureNames.index( procedureHelp )
		procedureDescription = listProcDesc[ index ]
		if (startLogging):"Index = %s" % index)"Description: %s " % procedureDescription)
		if (startLogging):"Description Type %s || Description: %s " % (type(procedureDescription), procedureDescription))
		if startLogging:"%s" % ("ITEM NOT FOUND IN DATABASE"))
		procedureDescription = "ITEM NOT FOUND IN DATABASE"
	# Set helper text to the description
	event.source.getComponent('HelperText').text = procedureDescription

Can you post some of the actual HTML text you are returning?

I was storing the text in my database as a Blob. I changed that to Text and everything works as expected.