Script returning unexpected values from alarmEvent.get

I tested an application on 7.9.9 in which I add a custom alarm property “Popup” to some tags. It works as expected and I am trying to deploy it at a customer site on 7.9.6

In the graphic you can see I added “Popup” to the UV_ALARM_COMM tag:

In the script I am trying to read “Popup” with alarmEvent.get. In my testing it worked perfectly, but at the customer site on 7.9.6 the value comes back as None. What is stranger is that the property “Name” returns what is configured, “Notes” returns a blank which is not expected, and parameters that do not exist like “nothing” and “NoTag” are returning None. In my testing on 7.9.9 the non-existent properties returned -1 instead of None. This is causing my script to mis-behave. I want it to open a window on double click of a tag like UV_ALARM_COMM but not do anything on other tags that don’t have the “Popup” property.

Instead, it is opening the popup on double click of every tag because the “if” statement is returning None instead of -1 for non-existent properties

Is there any reason why this would work on 7.9.9 but not work on 7.9.6?