Script scheduled


is it possible to run a Phyton Script scheduled every day at 10.00 AM?
I tried with “Gateway timer Scripts” but i want a specific time to run the script.
Where I can put this script? How can I solve it?


I think the simplest thing to do would be to write a gateway timer script to run every minute. The first thing the script would do is check the time. If it wasn’t 10:00 it would exit. If it was 10:00 it would run your code.

To make sure your code isn’t run more than once, you could set a flag when your code is run and only clear this flag when the time is not 10:00. You would then check that the time is 10:00 and the flag is not set before running your code.

Jordan also described an interesting method using an expression tag in this post.

Create a Gateway timer script that runs every second, and you can use the following code -

[code]from time import localtime, strftime
curTime = strftime("%H:%M:%S", localtime())

if curTime == “10:00:00”:
#your code goes here[/code]