Script scope help

I was trying to absorb the information here, but some of the wording isn’t clear to me.
In the project browser I have Scripting that expands to gateway events and project library.

In Ignition 8.1.0:
My tags can’t call the scripts from the project correct?
My perspective sessions can call those scripts correct?

In Ignition 8.1.18:
Tags will be able to call scripts from the project library?

I think the source of my confusion is that when the Global Scripting Project, I don’t know what that is, where it is, or what can access it.
Maybe my project is considered a “leaf”, and I don’t know it because I never saw the parent project.

No difference in scoping between versions.

Tags are not part of any project. To make any kind of scripting available, a project must be designated as the “default” for tag events to use (or runScript in an expression tag). That is what the Global Scripting Project is for. Tag events cannot use scripts from any other project.

Perspective sessions belong to a project, so they use that project’s scripts.

Project inheritance can be used to make scripts available in multiple projects.


The Global (or Gateway) Project Script is set in the gateway config.

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