Script Syntax writing to a tag

Can I write directly to the tag P1 using a tag instead of assigning current _count = Hour_actual0? I want to write Hour_actual0 to P1 directly

if currentValue.value == 5:
		current_count = system.tag.readBlocking("[.]Hour_Actual0")[0].value
		system.tag.writeBlocking(["[.]P1"], [current_count])

You should be able to.

if currentValue.value == 5:
	system.tag.writeBlocking(["[.]P1"], [system.tag.readBlocking("[.]Hour_Actual0")[0].value])

Don't even need to break out the value, as the system.tag.write* functions will accept a list of QualifiedValues.

if currentValue.value == 5:

Though, I would be definitely do this with system.tag.writeAsync() if not an expression tag and a driven tag group.