Script to create Tag Provider

Ignition 7.9.9

While there is a scripting method to create a new database connection, there does not seem to be an equivalent one to create a new real-time tag provider. Does anyone know of an undocumented way to create a new real-time tag provider from a script?



Same question for ignition 8.0.16.


Do you have some news about it ?

I haven’t seen any plans for this. What’s the use case?

You may have better luck posting to; other community members can vote on your idea, which would help us gauge interest.

I’ve created a script to add new projects in our service (new database, tables, DBconnection in Ignition, …) but infortunately I have to create tag Provider before.

In 8.2, we’re planning to put gateway config on the filesystem (in some way, TBD). That way you’d be able to set up your gateway however you like dynamically, no need for specific scripting functions.



Did you plan script function to import/export scan classes too ?


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