Script to get a list of all possible alarms


My plant uses Ignition 7.8. I have only been in this job for 6 months and it's my first experience with Ignition. We have a lot of alarms that either confuse or just don't mean anything to our operators, so they just ignore the alarm screen. I am tasked with filtering out all the alarms that don't really mean anything or are hard to understand. I'm trying to generate a list of all possible alarms in the project so I can do this. I found some code that says it accomplishes that here How to Generate a List of all Configured Alarms. I have tried to run it with buttons and from the script console without any luck. Could someone please give me some detailed instructions on how to do this? I watched the scripting videos and still can't figure it out. If someone has a different way of generating a list of all configured alarms I'm certainly open to that too. Thanks.

Depending on the overall tag count it might be easier to export the entire tag tree and then using something like Notepad++ to parse the xml file looking for alarms.

Native tag search functions in the 7.8 branch are slooooooow.

I had originally tried to do exactly that but I think I must have had a deeper tag folder selected than I intended to. I made certain that I selected the tag folder this time and I think I have what I need now, but it would be nice if there was a good way to get Ignition to just spit out a list of alarms.

Maybe a silly idea, but for the task of creating an alarm list, it might be easier to do this in the latest version. I'm not suggesting updating, although you should, but for this task use a demo version of the latest version. Maybe use docker, VM, or another machine?

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That sounds like a good idea actually. I think I read that the newest version has a built in feature that can do this. I'll try it.