Script to view OPCItemPath for a single tag?

Is there a way to view the OPC Item Path? I am using the IALABS Scripting Module to add a new tag with an analog alert but I need to bind the OPCItemPath to a referenced tag.

I’ve successfully ran the following script to bring in a lot of other data for a group of tags but I need to select one tag in particular and get the OPCItemPath from it.

tags = system.tag.browseTags("[provider]folder")
for tag in tags:
print, tag.path, tag.fullPath, tag.isFolder(), tag.isUDT(), tag.isOPC(), tag.isDB(), tag.type

Yes, you can do the following:path = system.tag.getAttribute("Path/To/Tag", "OPCItemPath")

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You rock! Thanks for the quick reply.