Script vs Binding origin in change event script


I have a label that has a tag binding to a tracking number on it, and I have set up a change event script bound to the props.text property to change some more components on the screen whenever the tracking number changes.

I have done this before, no problem, but now I am noticing that the script gets called twice, one with an origin of Binding and once with an origin of Script. I started filtering the Binding origin calls out and just doing a return, because I noticed that often the Binding origin calls had the previousValue = currentValue.

Why is this? Am I doing the correct thing?

Ignition 8.0.12, hasn’t been update since installed in 2020


I just took the binding off this component, and I am still getting script origin calls, so now I have to hunt down where a script is changing this component. Looks like I answered my own question. If anyboyd has any tips about doing that (besides the obvious use the find command) I would love to hear it

Please post your relevant script and use </> button to format it.

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Here is the obligatory “that’s a really old version you should update” comment. There have been many bug fixes in the several releases in the past year or so.

The obvious use the find tool is the only way to find an unknown script that is changing this value. Well besides manually opening and looking at every script, not sure you want to go down that path.

Bindings will update when the quality of a bound tag changes. They will also update multiple times at startup of the window or view.


The old-fashioned method of find worked, and I found a message that was changing it as well, I had forgotten that it was there.

Yes, it does need updating, but everything in its time. There is also the old “it ain’t broke so why fix it” going on… Thanks Everyone

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