Script window key shortcut combos

I am not sure how to create a Title for this issue, so hoping you go through the description and get it

I need to use windows shortcuts, and link them to scripts.

I need to have a button which when pressed acts as a save only the image of the active window.
On Windows 10, this is achieved by keyboard shortcut “Windows + Alt + PrintScreen”

I need another button which takes screenshot of the entire screen and will save to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.
On Windows 10, this is achieved by keyboard shortcut “Windows + PrintScreen”

Can I add these key combos in a script?

The user screen is to be used in Kiosk mode, and the users do not have a keyboard to use and press these key combos

Details are important here. Are you using vision or perspective? If your using perspective, unless something changed I don’t believe it is possible. If your using vision and you want to save it somewhere then the windows short cuts I don’t believe would cut it since you want to have it saved somewhere in the background. A quick search though brings up what others have done to take and save screenshots.

How to take screenshots of your Ignition windows - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

In vision, use system.print.createImage()

This thread has some background on the difficulties of doing it in perspective:

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I am using Vision 8.1.2
I am fine Windows saving in somewhere and I copy it to my location via another script

This link is quite helpful, I am going through it, and gonna try implementing.