Scripted rename of tag provider and all project defaults?

Is there a way to rename a tag provider by script, and then adjust all objects that were pointing to it as their default? (e.g. change default tag provider in all projects on a gateway)

I don't believe Ignition supports renaming tag providers via scripting. The way I would approach this would be to (1) create the tag provider with the new name and (2) script the tag moves via: system.tag.move | Ignition User Manual

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Thanks for the response @Alex_Nelson. A fun exercise in future possibilities.

We've essentially developed a larger control product for facilities in a certain industry, of which Ignition is a core pillar. My goal has been to build tools and processes that increase our velocity to scale and deploy Ignition at each additional (and custom) site with minimal effort and risk.

With that, our gateways and their projects/settings are common from plant to plant except for a gateway name and tag provider name (and the default tag provider for each project pointing at that tag provider). Then, we have a resource (soon to get to the Exchange) that automates creation of the entire site structure, relationships, and assets like diagrams into the tag provider so nothing site-specific lives in the project assets which makes upgrades a breeze.

I'm hoping with more exposed as text in 8.3 that we can wrap a full CICD pipeline around this that injects the tag provider and its contents at delivery. In the meantime, ~15 minutes of gateway configuration isn't that big of a concern.