Scripting Auto Complete / suggested text

I was recently helped by an ignition support member and I noticed that while doing scripting he was pressing some key combination to see the allowable methods or properties of whatever it was that we were looking at. Maybe I’m a total newb asking about this but I can’t seem to find any info on this and I think it would help me out tremendously with all the scripting I am doing lately. Any help is much appreciated

You can press “CRTL + SPACEBAR” when typing out scripting functions and it will give you the next available options.

Was this what you were asking about?


Pure sorcery, why is it something so simple and yet so easy was so difficult for me to find in life? You have made my day. :sunglasses:

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“CRTL + SPACEBAR” does not work on me ,I am using Version: 8.0.1 (b2019050708), do you know what’s going on?

may be you use it on gateway script. it only works on client side scripting editor window.

As attachment, it just doesn’t work, please help me out

Oops, got it, we have to switch to windows default IME, it doesn’t work on me if it’s any other IME.

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