Scripting behind multiple objects


I have screens full of numeric text fields for parameters. Now I have to select that only users in the “Administrator” group can edit these fields. (using "hasrole(“Administrator”)

When you select multiple fields and try to change the property “Edittable” you get the message “You must select a single component in order to use property bindings”.

Is there a way to do this quickly for multiple components?

Thanks in advance!

I just found “Security” in one of the topics. You can do this for multiple objects. :slight_smile:

However I am still interested if it is possible to change a property from multiple components to the same thing all at once


Unfortunately no, you cannot select multiple components and modify their bindings as a bulk edit. The only other way you could potentially do this is to copy the window as an XML, open it in a text editor, and do a find replace to edit the properties all at once.

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