Scripting between versions 7.8 to 8.1

Hi everyone,
Has anyone encountered Ignition software freezing up within the designer due to scripting? I imported some navigation windows from a project in version 7.8 with some buttons that are using the "swap" scripting to another window and also an active alarm count indicator and who is logged in indicator. When I try to open any of these navigation windows in the designer it completely locks up and I am unable to edit. If I have to rebuild the nav windows I will, just wondering if I need to be on the look out for other issues. Thanks

I'd give support a call and provide them with the windows, if possible. This isn't expected and we can probably figure out what's causing it.

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Try getting rid of the active alarm count indicator.

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@jpark , you were correct. That was the item causing the issues.

I'm not sure why the vision templates still come with the navigation bar that calls system.alarm.queryStatus, but this is terribly inefficient and should never be called by the gui in Vision. It will cause the gui to freeze while it requests and waits for the gw to return the results. Unfortunately however, the solution is not exactly simple