Scripting component Angle (angleDegrees)

Are there any known issues with setting a component’s angleDegrees (or angleRadians) properties? When executing the statements:

popup = system.gui.getWindow(event.source.parent.popupWindowPath)
for param in taskParams:
index = getIndexFromParamName(param)
defect = popup.rootContainer.getComponent(defectName + str(index))
defect.relX = 500
defect.relY = 500
angle = math.radians(360 * index / numPoints) + angleOffset + angleAdjust
point = polar(radius, angle)
point[0] = point[0] - defectSize + centerX
point[1] = point[1] - defectSize + centerY
defect.relX = point[0]
defect.relY = point[1]
angle = math.degrees(angle) + 180
defect.angleDegrees = math.degrees(angle) + 180

The last line of code setting the components angle orientation is causing the circle width and height to go to zero. When trying to reset the width / height to a new value (in designer), I’m seeing NaN returned as the component’s position, width, height. The rest of the script works as expected. The purpose of this code is to move components (circle and trianges) in a circular ring and rotate them. Rotation is critical for the triangular shapes (i.e. arrows) but not so much for circles, however want the code to work for both shapes.