Scripting - export tags by function

I notice there’s a function “system.tag.loadFromFile”, however I don’t think there is a “loadToFile” type function. Is there any good way to do this? Backup specific tags from scripting?

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Doesn’t solve your immediate problem, but we’re looking to put a system.tag.exportXML() in a version coming up pretty soon. No timeline yet, but definitely before Ignition 8.


Any update on this new function?

I would also like to know if there is any update on this.

No update yet - it’s still on our backlog for 7.9, but hasn’t been picked up yet.

Thanks for the response. We will be waiting… :slight_smile:

Bump. Any updates on this?

Any update yet? This could be extremely helpful for an issue I am trying to solve.

Same here. Us LTS users need some love…

Well, the original ticket I mentioned ~3 years ago has since been closed and 7.9 is now in ‘critical bug fixes only’ mode, so it’s pretty much guaranteed this isn’t coming to 7.9, unfortunately. That said, a new LTS version might be coming sooner than you think…


A new LTS will be nice, though we are currently implementing a large, multi-spoke project for a client using 7.9 and will not be able to upgrade to 8.X for this any time soon due to many compatibility and logistic issues to do so.

Is there any workaround or method to this? A way to generate the XML output ourselves? Or any chance of classifying this as a bug? It would seem that implementing the script import but not the script export is a bug, as obviously these go hand-in hand as a single feature- It’s like write-only memory otherwise :wink:


Thought I should ask @pturmel, he always seems to have cool scripts and know-how!

Mr. Turmel, do you have any neat scriptable tricks for creating an importable XML backup of tags via scripting? Or maybe something I can start from?


Sorry, no.

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