Scripting function questions:


I am going through IA University and just did the Reporting Course.

data{‘datastring’}. getCoreResults is referenced in your video, but when I go to look it up in the user manual I can’t find anything about it.

As a programmer I often use reference material with descriptions of the functions that the language I am using has, for example, python’s online documentation.

Is this a function unique to Ignition? If so is there another place I should be looking for function descriptions other than the Scripting Function Appendix?

If this is an inherited function, maybe you could put links in your documentation to good documentation for all the inherited functions, like to python’s online documentation?

Thank you!

Do you remember which video this was in?

Ah, found it. It’s in the data sources – scripting video. The change in syntax threw me off a bit.

This should be part of the API for reporting. The javadocs missed the 7.8.0 release, but should make it into 7.8.1. In the mean time, you can find them at

Just to clarify

To read a “parameter” inside a script-datasource inside the Report module

ScriptVariable = data[‘ParameterName’]

Thanks Kathy,

Do you have any suggestions on how to open the jar files? OpenJDK?


Oracle has a nice page on how to do that.