Scripting Functionality

It appears that certain scripting functionality is available based on the modules being used. Was attempting to use the system.gui but it is not available presently. Is there a summary list of the related functions available relative to the installed module? I see instructions for using certain scripts but not much explaining why those scripts are not accessible. Thanks

System.gui seems to only apply to Vision and won’t work in Perspective. In the Ignition manual, where it describes what these functions do it also tells you the scope:

In the case of system.gui functions, the scope is always Vision Client.

I don’t know if there is a nice summary table with all the functions and their scopes though…

The best place would be the autocomplete window (Ctrl+Space). If a function doesn’t show up in the list, then it is not available.

Generally speaking the two big ones that I have to make caveats for in the shared functions used by vision are perspective are

Perspective cannot load system.gui and Vision cannot load system.perspective. After that, I think its there may only be for vision, but those are the big two to watch out for.

Thanks for the help.