Scripting functions that handle Perspective Parameters


I am trying to learn more about script functions in Ignition. I searched the user manual and found this page:

Are these the only functions available other than standard Python logic and mathematical functions? I’m trying to use a mouse event script to write to a view parameter when a button is pressed. I searched this page for any reference to “param,” but nothing came up.

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Those are the only functions supplied by Inductive Automation, and even some of those will not work in Perspective, as function availability is based on “scope”. Functions which would manipulate Vision projects in some way will not work in Perspective, nor would functions which directly manipulate the local machine.

If you could supply a clear explanation of what you’re trying to accomplish, the forum is full of users who can help you write a script which will help you.

Without more info, this is the best I can do:

You also need to keep in mind that the param I used here was set to be an “output” param; “input” params ignore write attempts from within their own View.

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Thank you for the response. This forum has been a very useful tool for a beginner like like me, however, I have seen many instances where a new user asks a question only to be told by more experienced users to read the manual. I’m hoping to avoid responses like this as much as I can by reading the manual before I ask my question :slight_smile:

Before even reading the manual I would take free the Inductive University courses we make available.

I have already seen them all for 8.0 and passed the test. The videos for Vision are a lot more in depth than Perspective. Hopefully the perspective videos will catch up one day.

The Vision videos have had many years to get to where they are. Perspective has only been around for less than three years.