Scripting in Ignition Edge

Are gateway and client scripting functions available in the Ignition Edge servers?

Client only. Though apparently there’s some hints that a version with gateway scripting may be under consideration. Or some possibly restricted form of gateway scripting. The fact that Perspective scripts run in the gateway and can “break out” might be part of the equation.


It will be great to have server side scripting enabled on edge devices . I wonder what does it take to include jython in java ? Some jre’s or more ? It will be fine even if it’s without the playground. It’s an amazing feature of java that lets you program it thru scripts !

Talk to your sales rep about getting a license for the Edge Compute plugin. You’ll need the 8.0.10 RC to make it work – includes Web Dev and gateway scripting. (Scripting does not work in trial mode)

8.0.10 also includes a Perspective visualization option for the Edge Panel Plugin – you can choose the visualization in Gateway > Config > Gateway Settings


But hope gateway scripting libraries are compatible in both the versions so that what ever we develop in ignition will work in edge as well ? This is for the sake of development and testing.

Also just curious to know which OS does the edge devices support? Hope it allows installation of external jre’s, user ignition modules and scriptplayground (in licensed mode of course )

Does it support opc ua server ?

Yes, scripting libraries are compatible between the two versions.

You can read more about Edge here: , which should answer the OS question for you, or you can download the zip installer at

Edge will not run any third party modules except from our strategic partners.

Thanks a lot Kathy for the precise answer I was looking for.
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