Scripting in the new target after retargeting

I’m making a sort of overview window that will have the ability to retarget to one of several gateways. I have this working in general, but I’d really like to do some sort of scripting once I’m in the newly retargeted client, scripting that I would define in the “old” one. Basically, it would open a window and set some parameters in that window. I know the retarget function can open windows with the new client, and that you can pass parameters as global parameters. But, I’d really like to avoid going into each project to go and use these parameters once theres been a retarget. It’s my backup plan, but I’d like to avoid that.

I’d be shocked if you can avoid it. /-:

Dang. I was just thinking of another backup plan, that is to create sort of a dummy window on each project I can go to, then pass parameters and a script in that dummy window would change the window to whatevers needed. The alternative is to add scripting to many windows… so I guess this dummy window option is probably my best bet unless anyone else has some suggestions.