Scripting is not working after adding the reportviewer to the perspective view

I’m new to Ignition Perspective,
Now I’m working on ReportViewer,
I’ve just enabled the Reporting Module and now ReportViewer component is available in the Perspective Components toolbat
But the issue I’m facing is;
After inserting the ReportViewer to the view, the Button Click(or other) event not responding properly
To cross check I’ve created New View and insert the same Button & script, so that is working fine
But whenever I’ve inserted the ReportViewer, the same button scripts not working

Can any one suggest on this!! Please!!


Could you provide the View this is occurring within either in this thread or via direct message?

I’m facing this while adding the reportviewer in View.
Even also the reportviewer is not accepting any report “source”
I’m adding the source path, but its not accepting (reset to blank)
For more details, I’m getting below error message in the Log,

ErrorMessage: (Filter by “report” word)
"Received event for missing view “Project_Name/Reports/TestReport-2@D”

Any suggestion ?

My suggestion is that I would need to have a copy of the View to help you further. I can’t replicate your issue on my end.

My suspicion is that your View was not saved properly at some point. What happens if you close the View, then open it back up for editing?

You can either locate the view.json file for the View in question on your file system, or you can select the View node in the project browser, hold down Shift, then right-click the View node and select “Copy JSON”. Paste this content into a text editor and save the file as “view.json”. Please send me this view.json file.


Please find below 2 View.Json files, one have the column container and the another have the coordinate container

View2_Json.txt (689 Bytes) View_Json.txt (2.5 KB)

Neither of the Views you supplied has a button on it.
When I placed a button and provided a script to execute during an onClick Event, the script executed.

In order to help any further, I’ll need to know what version of Perspective you are using, what version of the Reporting Module you are using, and I’ll need the view which contains the Report Viewer AND the button which you claim is not working.

I do see an onClick Event attached to the Column Container, and that script fires when I click any part of the container not covered by the Report Viewer.


Thanks for your reply
Please find the attached view json file with button
View3_Json.txt (1.2 KB)

Also find the requested details

Perspective - 1.0.12 (b2020042115)
Reports - 5.0.12 (b2020042115)


The following screenshots were taken using the 8.0.12 build of Ignition.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 7.49.03AM

The Button looks to have a simple print call as its script and the script executed without ay issue. I even tried removing the existing Report Viewer and placing a new one as you described that the issue occurred after “whenever I’ve inserted the ReportViewer, the same button scripts not working”

As I said previously, I suspect that at some point you had an issue with saving the View. Have you tried closing the View and re-opening it for editing?

Try these steps:

  1. Close the View.
  2. In the Designer menu bar, select Tools > Console to open the diagnostic console.
  3. Open the View in question.
  4. Press the Designer’s “Play” button to enter Preview mode.
  5. Click the Button.
  6. Press the “stop” button to enter editing mode.
  7. Please copy everything present in the diagnostic console. and provide it here.
  8. On your Gateway, navigate to the Logs page (Status > Diagnostics > Logs) and copy any warnings or errors which occurred during the time you were using the View and provide them here.