Scripting problem when moving from ant to maven

I made a module with custom scripts which I use in all scopes. I was building it with ant and it worked perfectly. Now I moved to maven and built the same module with it. My custom scripts are normally visible but they don’t work anymore. Whenever I try to use them I get the next error:

Where could be the problem?


Unzip a working .modl file and compare its contents to the latest .modl. That should give you a clue.

One thing I have seen trip up people moving from ant to maven (or gradle) is that their resources/project folder structure may not follow the standard directory structure used by the newer build systems. Might want to verify your project is set up in a way that maven recognizes, or customize your pom.xml to pull in any non-standard resources.

Thank you for suggestion. I found the problem in module.xml file. The tag was inconsistent. Since I changed it to “com.aplikom.labagentmanager” everything works fine now.