Scripting Project Librairy issue

I’m running 8.0.13 and I’m unable to create new package and also unable to rename a package.

What are the names of your packages? Do you, by chance, have one named site?

_Class, _Functions, _Math, _zOLD_Functions

I have tried with all and unable to rename.

When I try to add new one it doesn’t and I got something very curious when I try to type the name…

You’re probably getting an error in the console.
You will likely need to rename these files on disk; if you go to the Ignition installation directory, then navigate to /data/projects/${yourProjectName}/ignition/script-python/${yourResourceName}, you can rename the entire folder and rest of the system should update itself automatically. You should ditch the _Class, at a minimum. Our known list of bad names didn’t specifically include it, but there are several similar entries:

"_bytecodetools", "java.nio", "_sre", "java", "_codecs", "copy_reg", "sysconfig", "traceback", "errno", "os.path", "_abcoll", "ntpath", "codecs", "", "encodings.utf_8", "linecache", "UserDict", "java.lang", "system", "re", "functools", "_jythonlib", "java.util", "nt", "sys", "encodings._java", "java.nio.charset", "StringIO", "_weakrefset", "", "encodings.aliases", "array", "fpmi", "sre_parse", "", "org.python", "types", "stat", "abc", "os", "org", "encodings", "warnings", "__builtin__", "genericpath", "org.python.core", "", "sre_constants", "site", "_functools", "java.util.Collections", "jythonlib", "sre_compile"

EDIT: Although, I can’t reproduce the issue you’re seeing even if I have four project scripts with the same names you do, so maybe it’s not a naming issue.