Scripting question with custom property

Hi guys, could someone please point out where I’m going wrong. my scripting skills are far from intermediate…

I’m trying to make a component change its visibility depending on if an alarm is active for that tag or not, on vision’s designer. But as this pop up window/screen has a custom property that would show the same properties but of different “motors” (i.e. motor 1, motor 2, depending on a previous selection), ive written the following where the ID should take the tag name, pop it in a string for the tag path.

however im getting a synthax error for line 1, char 4…the equals sign?

ID = {Root Container.Motor_Reference::Belt_ID}
tag = '[default]Motor_ID/*/%s' % (ID)
if (isAlarmActive(tag) = 1,visible=1)

I’m super stomped. sorry guys

but thank you for the help!

It looks like you’re mixing Ignition’s Jython scripting with Ignition’s expression language in an expression binding that can only use the expression language.

The equivalent expression would be something like:

isAlarmActive(tag('[default]Motor_ID/*/' + {Root Container.Motor_Reference::Belt_ID}))

However, there are some other issues.

  1. Don’t use the tag expression function here. Instead, use an indirect tag binding to include your Belt_ID in the tag path. See #3 below.
  2. I’m not sure what your intent is with the asterisk in the path, but I expect that won’t work here.
  3. isAlarmActive seems to always return false and bad quality when (tested it in Ignition 8.0.15). I may be missing something, but you could probably just bind to your tag path + /Alarms.HasActive in your indirect tag binding directly on the visible property, something like:

Oh i see. The asterisks was using a wildcard as my tags list has 3 tiers to it. and the final level of that would be a UDT tag, which has multiple alarms on it so i was using the * as a way to say if any had an in-alarm state.
I was suggested doing it this way for the script editor, so i though id use it this way for the expression

Thank you @witman, i used the indirect binding and its definitely on its way. However, what do you suggest…as below, im only seeing if the em_stop alarm is active, when in fact, this UDT has more than 1 alarms on it. what would the expression be if i wanteed it to show all the alarms on this 1 UDT?

thank you for the help!


Just for future reference… After many trial and error I was able to get the animation I wanted with the visibility of a component binded to a UDT tag’s is alarm active… with the expression

isAlarmActive({Root Container.Motor_Reference::Meta.TagPath}+"/*")

Thank you!

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