Scripting Returning Object, Array Needed for Time Series Chart

I'm trying to query some data and then put it in a timeseries chart. The query returns an object, but the timeseries wants an array. Is there a way to convert this object into an array so that I can use the chart?

Add a script transform and process your query's return there.

But there's something weird here: the default format for query is a dataset. Which a timeseries chart should be able to handle.

We'll need details about what you're trying to do.

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I have a transaction group that puts data into a table when certain events occur. I would like to query some of that data (certain columns over certain time ranges) and then chart it. I got around the object array problem by sending the data to the right place (self.props.series[0].data instead of self.props.series), but now have a different issue: the time series chart just says component error and I can't get further information on the error. Not sure where to go here.

I've only used the time series chart once so I wouldn't be of much help, but I doubt anyone can help you solve your issue based on that - we'll need more details.

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