Scripting Transaction Groups

Are there any plans to add more Transaction Group scripting functions? Right now I see that the generally accepted way (at least as of 2014…) for automating Transaction Group creation is to:

  1. Export a “Template” transaction group XML file.
  2. Load this file in a Script and modify it to however it needs to be changed.
  3. Re-export to XML
  4. Use a script to import the new customized file.

Will there be more scripting functions added for transaction groups so the creation of them can be more easily automated? Also, will it be possible to enable/disable groups via scripting?


This would be very nice. Or an option to import/export with json instead of xml.

I wrote a short script to help create transaction groups from a CSV. This could be modified to create a large number of transaction groups, but I only needed it to create a transaction group with a large number of items.