Scripting Unacknowledge Cleared Alarms

Hi all,

Here is my problem. For one of our customers we need to unack an acked alarm. Why? Let’s say we have the following steps :

  • Active Unacked Alarm comes in the alarm status table
  • The client ack this alarm.
  • This alarm becomes an Active Acked Alarm
  • When this alarm becomes Cleared WE MUST unack this cleared alarm (if already acked when the alarm was active) and display this cleared unacked alarm in a dedicated alarm status table.

Somebody knows how to proceed and if it is even possible?

Many Thanks !!

As far as I know this is not possible, at least not easily.

Would it not be possible to display cleared acknowledged alarms in the separate table? This way you would not have to mess with the acknowledge status. Maybe you could set an associated data field for the alarm when you acknowledge it and use that for filtering?