Scripting Value Changed runs every time I write to a DataSet

Hi, I'm trying to make a call using Tag Change but every time it writes data to DataSet it runs scripting Value changed, even if the values or quality doesn't change how to avoid this?

I use such a simple function to save DataSet

datasetNew = system.dataset.setValue(dataset, 1, "Operation", True)
system.tag.write('[default]TST/FarmOperation', datasetNew)

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Datasets are always new objects, no matter their content. Your script should check the content and skip the write based on your own idea of "changed" or "not changed".

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I understand that I will not use this functionality for this case - DataSet

Sames is true for documents and arrays. They are all-or-nothing objects, and any assignment to such tags are always a new value.

I was hoping that this is somehow internally resolved. I will prepare my script thank you for your quick response and explanation.