Scripting when/when not to email alerts, possible?

Several of the datapoints we log and display in our existing SCADA systems are tied to Enviromental Compliance events. I’d like to be able to turn on email alerting for only a subset of the configured alerts and possibly define ‘groups’ of alerts that would go to different email/pager addresses. Would that be possible in Fpmi/sql?

You should check out FactorySQL’s alert distribution lists feature. Distribution lists allow you to define Groups and Contacts, and rules that define when they receive various alerts.

Groups: Above all, a group has an expression that defines which alerts it will receive. Whenever an alert occurs that passes the group’s expression, an email is sent to all contacts who belong to that group. The Expression is the same as an action item expression, and can use all of the functions and operators available to them. Unlike action items, the distribution group expression can refer to the properties of an alert, such as its Value, Time, Severity, etc.

Properties available to expressions:
(Note: these are the same properties available to Custom Alert Messages, but in some cases the values are different (such as severity, which is text for messages, but numerical here).
Previous Value
Item Name
State Name
Item Units
Item Path - The path of the item inside of the group, such as the OPC address for an OPC item.
Severity - The severity of the alert, in numerical format (from 1 [LOW] to 5 [HIGH])
Folder Path - The full path of the folder that the group is in.
Group Name - The name of the group that this alert is in.
Alert Type - This will be numeric, 1 for ALERT, 2 for CLEAR

Contacts: A contact consists of a name and email address, and a list of groups that they belong to. Note: only one email will be sent to each contact per alert, therefore it is OK to have contacts that are members of groups whose expressions may overlap.

You can edit alert distribution alerts in the FactorySQL Frontend under Settings -> Alert Settings -> Distribution Lists. Also check out the user manual at for more information about alert distribution lists under Concepts -> Alerting -> Alert Notification -> Distribution Lists.

And I spent 30 mins looking at that yesterday w/out bothering to actually try and add one… Doh. :slight_smile: