Scripts or File Location for device addresses, Automation

I am trying to find a way to automate the ability for a device's addresses to be set, I am unable to find a documented way to do it by either scripting or a file location that could contain the configuration of devices. I have been able to automate the import of known devices using the built in libraries, is there some way to include the addresses in the device props object?

Any advice on how to do this without entering the web ui would be greatly appreciated!

Here you go.

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I don't see a way to add the addresses (tags) for the devices on this link.

Perhaps you are confusing Ignition devices with Ignition OPC tags?

Also, note that "Address mapping" on some non-browsable device types is purely optional, and not even recommended any more. You can always construct OPC Item paths without browsing for them.

(IA hasn't exposed any tools to populate address mappings programmatically, because their purpose is for GUI convenience. If you are constructing things programmatically, just programmatically instantiate OPC tags with appropriate OPC Item paths--no address mapping required or recommended.)