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Can we have scroll bar for a container? I want show 8 containers in one container horizontally.but only most of 3 can visible on loading and others can be visible only when you scroll to right side of the container.

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Why is this still not implemented in 2017? :wave:

Because the Template Repeater and the Template Canvas were implemented as a solution to this.

OK, then tell me how to ‘implement’ this:
I have a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. So max client windows will be a little less because of the navigation&status docked windows.
I need to show to the client a schematic plan (but not jpg or pdf; I will draw this in Ignition with Ignition components) of an entire power plant, for what I will need at least 40" 4K monitor…
Because if I draw everything on a 1920x1080 window, it will be so small, that you can’t see anything (the sheet printed from Autocad for entire plant is 2m by 2m… :slight_smile: )

AFAIK in template repeater or canvas you can use only templates…

Ha… I just got an idea:
I can create a template with a size 3840x2160. And then draw everything there.
Then on the main window, I put Template Canvas with myTemplate in the customizer…
… ???

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Yes, you got it :thumbsup:

Damn, I’m good… :smiling_imp: