Scroll with flex container

Hello everyone,

I have a question about Perspective with flex containers.

For my graduation project, I absolutely have to use a flex container view, and I wanted to know if it was possible to scroll with the mouse on the view???

For example on my images, I would like to be able to scroll to display information instead of shrinking everything.

You need to modify the shrink settings for everything. By default each component is set to have a shrink property of 1, meaning each component will shrink proportionally so that everything may fit. If you set shrink to 0 for each component, then none of them will shrink below their basis. This will force scrolling as components will take up more space than is available in the container.


Thank you for your reply,

My problem is solved!!

set the overflow of the “inner” flexboxes to visible, grow to 1 and shrink to 0

edit: seems you just found a solution too xd if you did say how you did it as others might want to know too:)