Scrollbar position informations

For a project, we want to create a multiple selection tool that will allow the user to apply the same command to several elements by selecting them at the same time (using the Windows selection area as an example).

As Ignition doesn't offer a native tool, we use a "label" component, which we modify in position (X, Y) as well as in height and width. This allows us to create a selection zone in which we check for the presence of elements to be selected. When our view is the width of the page: no problem, we use the event.pageX function, which gives us the coordinates of the pointer on the page and therefore on the view. We encounter a problem when our view is wider than the screen size, so we have a horizontal scrollbar. In this case, the event.pageX function doesn't return the coordinates in the view, so the selection doesn't work if the scrollbar isn't in its initial position. When a view has a scrollbar, is it possible to retrieve the scrollbar offset information and apply it to our formulas, thus making our selection tool functional across the entire width of the view?

We expose the current scroll values of the Primary View in use for a page, but we do not expose scroll values for any other View.

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