Scrollbars not updating correctly in Designer

Ignition Platform 7.7.0 (b2014071516)
Java 1.7.0_65
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

I am editing a 1920x1080px window in the designer, and the scrollbars are acting weird. All the functions work (I can scroll around fine), but the bar graphics don’t move. So I can grab a scrollbar and move it around, but the bar stays in the same place. Actually, now that I’m looking at it, I think I see a pattern.

Focus off designer window
Focus on designer window
Page scroll to the left, scrollbar updates
Page scroll to the right, scrollbar doesn’t update (stays all the way to the left)
Focus off designer window, scrollbar updates to correct position.

So they only update once until I focus on a different window, then they update again.

If I use the mouse scroll wheel or the arrow buttons, they don’t update at all until I focus on a different window (or the motion is so small I don’t see it).

Not a huge deal, but I thought y’all might like to know. Keep up the great work!

Also noticed that the problem does not show up in Preview mode (scrollbars work correctly)

If you update to Java 8 does the problem persist?

I updated to Java Version: Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_67 (is that v8? I never know with Java… but that was the latest one I found available) and the problem has been resolved. Thanks!