Scrolling in Ignition Perspective

I created a page using flex containers. Even though the scrolling works for vertical, horizontal is not working though shrink is zero for every flex (row shrink). when the page is scrolling in the left side, details shrink and do not appear when scrolling.

Did you set a basis ?
You can also add a min-width style property to prevent the container from shrinking past a certain width.

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I don't understand this sentence.
Use something like ScreenToGif (if you're on Windows) to record a video clip of the problem and upload it here.

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Thanks for the reply. Here is
the clip. the web page cannot be scrolled to the right side in developer mode. I made shrink into zero in all row flexes

Yes I did

You seem to have many nested containers. You'll need to make sure the settings for ALL of them are right. It may be cumbersome, I agree, but I don't think there's a way around that.

Got it sorted out. Yes, I used many containers.