Scrolling table

Is there a way to make a table scroll sideways?? I have a table I need to display which will have somewhere close to 100 columns that I need to display. It will not comfortably fit on the screen but I need to have the end user be able to scroll left and right to see all the data… Is this possible??

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Greetings tbackus,

It sounds like turning off Auto-Resize would help the situation. In the Designer, select the table. In the Property Editor, look for Auto-Resize Mode (under the Behavior group) and and turn it off.

With this turned off, the table will display a scroll bar.


Yes, this is possible.

The Table component has a property “Auto-Resize Mode”. Set this to “Off”.

With this configuration a horizontal scroll bar will automatically be added to the table when the columns can not all fit in the view of the table.


Thanks Guys, that’s what I was looking for.